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Devon Garden Clearance

Devon Garden Waste Recycling


Devon Garden Waste Recycling specialists, Big Bag Recycling is a subsidiary of Plantation Gardening which is based in Exmouth in Devon. This relatively new initiative has been launched in Exmouth and will be rolled out across East devon as far as is possible.

This service from Big Bag Recycling offers:

* A 90 x 90cm Bulk Bag* delivered to your home. ONLY £10.

*Collection of your full* bag for recycling ONLY £27.50.

*Your bag is returned to you after collection for you to fill again.

We also supply:
Logs - Fire Wood, Wood Chips, Organic Compost, Top Soil.

Remember all this waste when processed will be available next year for mulching your garden or adding as a 100% organic soil improver. Please see contact page and call for an estimate or more information.

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We can only remove plant material such as grass clippings and hedge cuttings. We cannot remove other heavy materials, such as soil, compost, bricks, hardcore, woodchips, turf, metals, timber or stones. Bags can only be removed from an accessible point such as a road side front garden or driveway. Any bags deemed to be unliftable by two persons cannot be removed and will not be collected. Trial of service taking place in the Exmouth and surrounding villages initially before planned full service rolls out to other areas. All prices include VAT.

 Garden Devon Waste Recycling

Garden Waste Clearance Devon

Garden Waste Devon Clearance

Devon garden Waste

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Garden Clearance Devon
Devon Garden Clearance

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